The Lighting of City Centre Almaza

It’s hard to miss the grandeur of City Centre Almaza if you’re passing by within the vicinity of Heliopolis here in Cairo. The mega construction that first opened to the public on September 30th 2019 spans across a 103,000 square meters and includes over 260 local and international brands, it comes as no surprise that the UAE based real estate developer Majid Al futtaim is behind this project.


Many parties were involved in this mega mall. Majid Al Futtaim group first reached out to Callison RKTL to design the mall who outsourced the project to their local arm in Egypt Archimid

Archimid has been in the Egyptian market since 1991 with diverse experience across many industries including commercial, industrial, healthcare and residential. 

The lighting design of the mall was carried out by Light Touch PLD who recently just celebrated their 10 year anniversary and have delivered hundreds of remarkable projects in the MENA region.


Having the necessary experience, the knowhow to provide the lighting designer’s vision and our commitment to never miss a deadline, project contractor JV CCC- Hassan Allam (Main Contractor) as well as Hassan Allam Technologies (MEP Contractor) assigned all the lighting deliverables and the central battery system installation to us where we embarked on this 3 year project working with MAP Consultant & Architect Archimid to ensure that the lighting compositions reflect the name of the mall itself (almaza) the arabic synonym for diamond.


To put things into perspective  as to how big this project was,19,657 fixtures were used from 157 different types. Not only that, but some of the world’s leading brands were also used to power up the mall.


Our work on City Centre Almaza was divided over 3 main sections, they were BOH, interior lighting, and the facade.


BOH (Back of house lighting): This sector encompasses whatever is behind the sales door, covering the electrical rooms, garage, inventory storage, coolers, maintenance facilities and employee lounges. Different types of illumination were used, ones that depend more on functionality.


Delta Lighting was also proudly awarded for the installation of the Central Battery system at City Centre Almaza designed by SHAKER Consultancy Group which is designed to ensure safe evacuations of a building, reduce panic and confusion and safely manage high risk tasks in the event of a power outage. SHAKER group have almost 40 years of experience and are well known for their professional expertise to the point that they were ranked by ENR as one of the top 150 firms in the world.


The interior Lighting of the mall: Given the number of fixtures used in the mall, it only makes sense that we provided hundreds of different types including down lights, linear lighting fixtures, decorative pendants, high bay, step lighting, emergency lighting, floodlights, architectural luminaires cove indirect lighting and so many more.


The Facade: The dynamic lighting of the exterior walls and the plaza can only be described as the ultimate hook to draw people’s attention and instantly capture their gaze by creating a spectrum of colors that highlights the building’s beauty.

We’re proud to have worked on a big project like this that took dedication, extensive research and many tests to improve the overall outcome and we thank all parties involved who trusted our expertise and budgetary management skills to bring this project to life.