How Does Light Affect Hospitality

lighting in hotels


When you first walk into a hotel and feel that great sense of welcome, it’s usually a mixture between design and light. Light can make the entire hotel including the guests’ rooms either inviting and cozy or cold and outdated but one thing to keep in mind is that first impressions matter and they start at the doorstep.


Lighting at the reception and the lobby of your hotel


The first person you interact with is usually the receptionist and the reception represents the entire hotel and by all means can give you an idea about what to expect during your stay, which is why the reception area should be lit in a way that quickly grabs the attention while allowing the employees to focus on their tasks efficiently. Ideally, it’s better to position your lighting systems right above the counter for maximum exposure on both sides which is something most hotels do.


Guests also want to relax or walk around in the evening and lobbies are a place they always end up at. So it’s important to make the area comfortable and suitable for work related tasks with the perfect ambient lighting.


The Corridors


Corriodes are like garages, if not well lit, they can get pretty scary. Your guests might also get lost or feel claustrophobic from the absence of light and may not even be able to see the room number which is why investing in an energy saving system can truly help balance the experience. It should also be taken into consideration to have the hallways naturally lit by sunlight in the morning if possible.

The guests’ rooms


If you’re at a hotel then most probably you’re using the room only during the evening because let’s face it, no one goes to a hotel to spend his day indoors which is why every area should be lit differently. 

For example, the night stands should be decorated with warm colors so as not to disturb your partner as well as to help you fall asleep much easier.

The bathroom for example should have different degrees of illumination, one for relaxation, a brighter one for when you’re getting ready and a very soft one for orientation during the night.


Light helps make the room look cleaner and its absence is usually a bad sign.

Conference rooms


Conference rooms are usually confined spaces with minimal to no natural sunlight which is why a flexible lighting system can turn the meeting room 180 degrees all together from being able to focus accurately on the topics discussed to viewing the presenter and improving the quality of the presentations.

Whatever you do, your guests are either on a vacation or business trip but in both cases you’ll want them to come back and while often overlooked, lighting is a big part of their experience as much as the cleanliness of the room or the staff are, and you have a chance to amaze your guests with lighting and enchant them, so don’t waste that chance on poorly planned decisions