5 reasons why LED lighting is more effective than traditional lighting

When people set out to provide lighting for their offices or businesses there’s always the dilemma of which types of lighting they should use and why LED is always the better choice.


Here are 5 reasons why LED lighting is more effective than traditional lighting:


They last longer:

It’s as simple as that. It’s a well known fact that LED lights consume 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. They’re also a lot more effective, bright LEDs use 11 to 12 watts when creating light outputs in comparison to 50 watts used by incandescent lighting which makes them perfect for outdoor lighting applications.

As a business owner those 2 combinations can only mean one thing; saving money.


Their small size makes them flexible:

Given their smaller size in comparison to traditional lighting sources, they’re more adaptable when it comes to how you choose to use them whether in circuit boards, street lighting, residentials areas or warehouses.


Controlling the lighting output:

LED lighting allows you to control the mood of the room by giving you the ability to dim the light, they’re now even customizable to have all the colors of the spectrum and could be changed from a mobile app. You could change the mood of your living room each day depending on your mood. Of course you’ll need to have the proper hardware to do so because not any bulb will have that feature.


They power on instantly:

Unlike CFLs (bulbs that take their time to power up and are dim at first until the electricity starts flowing in them) LED lights turn on and off instantaneously.


They’re environmentally friendly:

In comparison to incandescent bulbs, they don’t contain mercury and are 100% recyclable and due to the fact that you only need to change them every couple of years, you’re saving on unnecessary production of other types. LED light also produces zero ultra violet emissions which is very convenient for areas or products that are sensitive to UV light such as museums.


It is true that the initial cost of LED light is higher than its peers but besides the cost going down on yearly basis and the technology improving they’re actually cheaper to have on the long run if you’re going to change them every 3-5 years. 


Like most things in life, LED lighting comes in a wide variety of quality so despite being more efficient than the traditional lighting, different brands of LED provide different outputs so it’s important to choose a trusted supplier.